Oscar Fonrodona Presses for Land-based and Online Casino Partnership in Latin America

As the old saying goes, it always takes two to tango.

In order for land-based and online casino operators to be able to dance to the beat and flair of the Latin American market without a sweat, Oscar Fonrodona of Akamon pointed out the importance of business partnership.

He believes that brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos may be able to quickly tap into the growing Latin American market if the two sectors will join forces instead of competing with each other.

After all, he said that 57 percent of players in social casino also visits land based casinos in the last twelve months.

“That means, based on demographics, there is quite a big overlap between both [online casinos and land-based casinos,” Fonrodona told CalvinAyre.com. “This is more or less what I’ve been explaining. I think there’s a good partnership between social and land-based [casinos].”

As partners venturing into the Latin American market, Fonrodona suggested that operators may build a social casino application which will lure the users to play casinos online and eventually in an actual casinos.

The application itself, according to Fonrodona, could be used to teach and prepare users how to play the games in casinos.

“The user has to play it for free, learns how it works and the user doesn’t know that we are casinos. Then they get used to this, they get loyalty points, they start to play there, they play in the apps, and with this loyalty points, they go to a casino and redeem for something like, a room an upgrade, or a free drink or whatever,” he said.

When asked about what differentiates Latin American rollers from European players, Fonrodona said: “The main point of difference, is the way the users is going to make a payment.”

“They will play for free, they will play for fun they want to win, they want to use the game as a way to meet people and socialize. The difference is at the time of paying, it’s not the same payment methods in Spain and in Brazil. You need to know a lot of every country in order to optimize it,” he added.