Tangelo Games levels up with first Facebook Messenger chatbot within the Social Casino industry

 Toronto, December 21, 2016 – Tangelo Games Corp. (“Tangelo” or the “Company”) (TSX-VENTURE: GEL), a leading developer and operator of social casino games, has launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, opening a new channel of communication with its gaming platform Best Casino’s players on both mobile and web channels and gearing the Company towards the future.

The chatbot ‘Rich the Cat’, which features a Japanese lucky cat, is available to selected VIP users through member to member invitation and offers, through the Messenger app, automated customer service responses as well as the possibility of playing a game exclusively developed for this platform; picking up their bonus from other games and accessing exclusive offers. Next week, the Company will release a new game featuring ‘Rich the Cat’ as its main character whose most loyal players will also be rewarded with access to the chatbot service.

Powered by the latest Facebook API and in-house AI system, Tangelo connects and interacts with its users without asking them to download any apps, and using a familiar environment. Based on the Company’s strategic goals, the chatbot, specifically designed for mobile, the space where Tangelo is focusing all its growth efforts, is capable of learning and evolving by studying and analyzing players’ behavior.

“The Social casino industry needs to push its boundaries in terms of new platforms, territories and genres and we want Tangelo to lead this revolution. This is the first of several projects led by innovation that we aim to commercialize throughout 2017 in order to pursue this goal”, states Vicenc Marti, President of Tangelo.

“Tangelo Games has always placed tremendous importance on connecting with gamers wherever they are. By tapping into new resources like Facebook chatbots, we engage both our fans and the huge audience that Facebook has. This will definitely improve the overall customer experience and thus increase our business metrics”, adds Oscar Fonrodona, Managing Director of the Company.