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Games, creating and playing them, are what drives us. And with ideas and innovation at the heart of all we do, every title we launch reflects the combined talent and enthusiasm of our entire team. But life at Tangelo is more than games.

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About Tangelo Games

Two entrepreneurs founded Akamon and Diwip, back in 2011, from the shores of Barcelona and Tel Aviv. As they defined the rules of free-to-play social mobile gaming they were building games and communities. With Tangelo, we reunited those teams and since then have been adding more talent, studios and games to our portfolio. Underlying all we do is a deep-seated culture based on community, commitment, challenge and pragmatism while keeping the agility, soul and passion of a start-up. And never forgetting to play as A-team.

Creating Value with Valuable People

Our industry-leading team built the key to its success with this foundation. A team that – in our Barcelona operational headquarters – comes together in an upbeat atmosphere encouraging social interaction and creativity, helping employees form part of a corporate culture designed to strengthen relationships and drive the future of entertainment. And our ping pong tournaments and beer on tap and are popular, too!

Both multicultural and diverse, our team of over 80 highly qualified gaming experts create games that have the power to foster connection, inspire imagination and entertain millions of people every day. With a growth mindset and an unwavering commitment to players’ fun and entertainment, we’ll continue to take Tangelo Games towards exciting new horizons.

Eleven Years of Fun and More to Come!


SEED (90’s-2011)

The legend of Tangelo Games began back in the 90’s in Valencia, and 2010 in Tel Aviv.

The seed of Mundijuegos began its life in Valencia through an indie videogames Studio offering traditional games such as parcheesi and dominoes.

The platform grew over the years adding new games and features, and increasing its user base thanks to an agreement with a popular network of online portals.

In the meantime, in 2010, two young computer science students established Diwip, a gaming start-up, with the dream to create games like Zynga Poker. With their own funding and after many hours of work they managed to create ‘Best Casino’ and in just a couple of months managed to see success.

A year later, in 2011, when Mundijuegos had already proven its potential, it became part of the umbrella of a business project called Akamon.


Akamon, which means door in Japanese, “door to a world of fun and entertainment”, became focused on the industry of social gaming, offering traditional games to international markets, with a special presence in Southern Europe and Latin America (especially Brazil).

Its strategic path of growth and international expansion was defined, teams of high level talent were incorporated, complementing the Product and Technology areas with Marketing, Analytics, Customer Service and Finance.


During its first year (2011-2012) the company experienced enormous growth: it expanded to other European markets and to Latin America through its own portals and white labels, launching 9 games on Facebook. The first being Chinchón, in February 2012, together with the first slots games published through a partner studio based in Israel.

The platform continued to grow… but the quality jump came with the introduction of virtual coins. A coin with which you can bet in different games, such as poker or roulette. Through this monetisation the company managed to triple its revenue.

The commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was also crucial.



During its second year of activity (2012-2013), the company closed its first round of investment. The capital was used to reinforce effective marketing, international growth and expand the team. It also acquired the partner studio based in Israel incorporating their expertise and slots games to their existing portfolio.

During this stage it surpassed 10 million registered users and added more than 30 white labels in Latam and Southern Europe.

During its third year of activity (2014-2015) its first mobile game Bingo Rider was launched and Mundijuegos achieved the milestone of 25 million registered users and 2.5 million monthly players.

During these first three years the company received many awards from the business world, such as ‘Best Startup’ at the prestigious GamesBeat event, ‘The Most Attractive Startup’ by the English magazine Wired and it was ranked number 7 on the list of Best Workplaces.

In summary, at this stage it can be said that Akamon stops being a gaming startup and became a leading social casino company in Europe.

In 2014, Diwip had released the Android and iOS versions of Best Casino, ‘Slots Club’ a new game for Facebook, and the ‘Best Slots’ app, and reached a remarkable user base …

A year later it was acquired by Imperus, a Canadian publicly quoted company.


RIPENING (2016-2018)

Through this acquisition, Imperus obtained access to a large section of the North American social casino market. To further its expansion it later made an offer to purchase Akamon, which would allow access to LATAM and Europe.

At the end of 2015, Akamon accepted the offer and was acquired by Imperus making the most geographically diversified social casino companies in the industry.

After the purchase, Akamon became Tangelo Games Spain; Diwip became Tangelo Games Israel, and Imperus, the parent company became Tangelo Games Corp.


During this new stage the company started benefiting from the synergies between the Barcelona and Tel Aviv teams in terms of talent and portfolio, and the focus of the business was to adapt the two core products to mobile.


Following positive strategic changes, the company was once again privatised at the end of 2018, and a new cycle began, the current cycle.

Today, our vision is to become a key player on the social gaming arena by adding to our portfolio top grossing mobile games.

Our mission, keep betting on a community first approach; entering new social game genres, incorporating new and making grow our great talent, innovating and building a strong corporate culture.


DIVERSIFYING (2018-2020)

Tangelo enters the puzzle game genre with its first 100% mobile casual title, Monster Tales. Available on iOS, Android and Huawei, Monster Tales is an addictive RPG game combining jigsaw and Match-3 puzzles. This is the foundation stone of a new mobile first and casual growth phase while maintaining its social casino top ranked games.

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